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Decentralized Universal Basic Income

Dominance is a decentralized application designed to provide universal basic income to all holders of UBI tokens using both gambling and non gambling applications in a way that only the iOST blockchain can provide.


Dominance will be so balanced to support playing, mining and hodling, that playing anywhere else would be akin to throwing your Crypto in the garbage.


Offer the largest library of the industry's most popular mining games and a few of our own.


DOMINANCE will become it's own node, with node rewards balanced to feed our buyback and burn program..

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The amount of tokens you receive will be calculated to iOST value for each round on the time and date of your transaction.

Distribution begins after Round 1 softcap is complete and will be sent directly to your wallet.

Airdrop date and time to iOST Dominance UBI tokens will be announced following the close of round 2 and will be hosted by the iUSD stablecoin exchange developed by the Rate3 Team.

Depending on the rate of sales, an end date will be announced with a 48 hour notice. IMPORTANT! DO NOT SEND ANY ETHEREUM after closing announcement. If anyone does, we will attempt to refund anyone minus the referral amount.

Minimum buy in of 0.33 ETH was determined to be the best ratio to ensure that everyone participating in the airdrop can get a free code to activate an iOST account through the Token Pocket mobile wallet. Courtesy of

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